Caricom-Cuba Trade And Economic Cooperation Agreement

«The signing of this protocol is of paramount importance to this process. The region therefore welcomes the formal signing of the protocol and welcomes the momentum it generates in trade,» said a statement from the CARICOM secretariat. The products included in the duty-free caricom offer for Cuba are fish, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, steel products, electrical machinery and equipment and their parts. The CARICOM secretariat noted that, given that CARICOM already has an existing trade and economic cooperation agreement with Cuba, it would be in the interests of both parties to ensure that the extension of preferential market access to the other country`s market under the second protocol of the agreement is ensured. GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) – The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Cuba have signed a trade agreement to improve trade relations between Havana and the 15-member regional group. Caricom said it was committed to deepening and strengthening its partnership with Cuba, as new opportunities are being sought to develop its trade and investment relationships. The agreement also aims to provide the private sector with caricom in particular access to the Cuban market, which uses the preferences of the original agreement itself. The agreement offers «expanded preferential access, in particular duty-free access, which Cuba offers to caricom countries on a list of approximately 326 products, including meat, fish, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, beer, rum, cement, soaps, clothing and clothing. This is the second trade agreement between the parties, the first signed in 2000. The new agreement, signed by CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque and Cuba`s Ambassador to CARICOM, Julio Csar Gonzlez, aims to expand preferential market access and outlines the prospects for an even stronger and deeper trade and economic relationship. According to the CARICOM secretariat, the protocol is further evidence of the commitment of both parties to promote the trade and economic relations that were established many years ago and which offer investment opportunities.

See the details of the CARICOM-Cuba agreement on trade and economic cooperation Value early warning systems for the region, highlighted at the Trinidad and Tobago climate change conference, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Republic of Cuba signed a Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (TECA) in July 2000. Learn more about the TECA: About 50 points to which immediate free access is granted and a list of 22 points for which differentiated treatment, including progressive reduction of rights, will be granted by CAR1COM to more developed countries in Cuba. The agreement was signed here at the 45th session of the Trade and Economic Development Council (COTED), which ends here on Friday.