Dm Collective Agreement

If you are a professor, you are also subject to the conditions of the AC collective agreement, with the exception that your salary is set at grade 37 or 38 of the official grade. Professors may also negotiate additional individual allowances and, as a rule, negotiate individually; They may, however, choose to leave the negotiations to the local union representative or the DM. On Saturday, the trade union confederations and the state reached a consensus on a new collective agreement that will apply for the next three years to 80,000 academics employed by the state. Read here the main results for you if you are a state employee. The collective agreement ac is therefore not used in the context of hourly employment. The main rules and agreements that together form the framework for your salary and terms and conditions of employment are the collective agreement of government-employed academics or the AC collective agreement and the structure of employment. The AC collective agreement does not apply to teaching assistants paid by the hour or to external teachers. TBS has published the highlights of the latest round of collective agreements signed. If you are employed as a teacher or researcher at one of the Danish universities, your employment and salary are governed by the University/CA Collective Agreement (the collective agreement between the Danish Association of Professional Organisations and the State, hereinafter referred to as the «AC Collective Agreement») and by the structure of the work. At that time, 43% of INFC employees have salary problems that vary in their complexity. Employees and their managers are kept informed of the progress made in managing their specific compensation issues the day before. As each case tends to be unique, the time to deal with individual cases varies.

Certain factors that are beyond our control also affect our ability to address our employees` salary issues (for example. B delayed the implementation of collective agreements Transfers within and outside the department). Where persons are employed as management or confidentiality in a professional category and at a level covered by a collective agreement and their rates of pay have not been fixed by the board of directors, they shall be paid at the rates of pay fixed by the collective agreement concerned. If you are employed, you usually receive a pension certified by collective agreement, which your employer inserts into the Académicienpension old-age insurance pension. The pension contribution is a fixed percentage of your salary and is governed by collective agreements. If you are employed as a PhD student, you are also subject to the remuneration scales of the AC collective agreement and a central remuneration has been agreed. Compensation Services is currently implementing all new collective agreements and is on track to complete implementation, including the one-time payment of retroactive payments. This will facilitate the continued need to transfer staff within and outside the INFC, a process that is currently frozen until the conclusion of the implementation of the collective agreement. If you are employed as a scientific assistant, assistant professor, post-doctoral fellow, associate professor, researcher, senior researcher, senior counsel, study assistant, student professor or MSO professor, your base salary is determined according to the salary set out in the AC collective agreement. In addition to your base salary, you are entitled to centrally agreed remuneration, depending on the type of position in which you are employed….