Rdc Faculty Collective Agreement

Workers who are entitled participate in municipal pension insurance, which includes both wage contributions and employer contributions. The good news is that if you have already participated in other public pension plans, there may be portability agreements. The staff and faculty of Red Deer College are the blood of our organization. Each year, our dedicated employees work countless hours to support lifelong learning opportunities for our students and the communities we support. THE drc`s largest capital is the people who work here, including our dedicated faculty, who inspire and challenge our students every day, and our tireless support staff who ensure that all aspects of our services and operations go smoothly. These programs help teachers, PhD students, K-12 teachers and providers of learning activities in the workplace develop their teaching skills for today`s learners and teaching contexts. «Students, teachers and even the public will end a dramatic reduction in the quality of program assistance,» Carroll said. «I am very concerned about how we will be able to provide adequate support for education and even provide services.» Click on the links below to view the collective agreements. Resources for senior and executives to assist in the implementation of collective agreements and manuals. DRC appreciates the efforts and contributions of our staff and teachers. To appreciate the individual efforts that contribute to the success of the college`s programs and services that support our learners, DRC has an awards and recognition program that consists of three components: Awards of Excellence, Contributors of the Month and Appreciation Cards. ACIFA – Alberta Colleges Institutes Faculties Association – Information: «These decisions were not taken lightly because we realize how they affect our current and future students, as well as our faculty and staff,» says Nunoda.

DRC also celebrates the Long-Term Service Awards, where we recognize (in stages of five years) the employees who worked at the university. We are proud to have a number of professors and collaborators who have worked at the university for 45 years or more – that is most of your career, or your entire career, which contributes to the success of DRC and our students. Ryan Butler is a representative of the FARDC. He is a professor of biology at the School of Art and Science and teaches first-year biology, elementary physiology and other classes. Learn more about our adjustment process. Check out DRC`s current employment opportunities and apply now to join the DRC team of committed professionals. Faculty members can also check our faculty profile. Congratulations to the following faculty members for their continued appointment in December 2017: Each program consists of 8 courses (27 credits) and can be completed in 12 months. These two programmes share three basic courses: INTR 400: research and reflection practice; INTR 401: quality course design; and INTR 402: Evaluation and evaluation, as shown in the graph below: See the list of current FARDC leaders and their contact information Currently, several Democratic presidential candidates are promising education reforms regarding free higher education and the complete elimination of student debt. In the meantime, as these are always political promises that may or may not be kept, university and university students must face the reality that their struggles continue. On the last day of each month, up to two nominations are drawn from the nominations filed this month at Human Resources and these nominees will receive an iCard credit of $100. This credit can be used to purchase items from one of the many recommended college services, including: Fitness -Wellness Services, Campus Store, Cashier and Food Services.