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Teck Elkview Collective Agreement

«If you lengthen someone`s day at any time, especially in 12 hours of work, that`s obviously a sore point,» he said. «From our point of view, they were not ready to pay. They were ready to send us to the picket line if we refused to accept it. I am glad we have an agreement, but it is clear that Teck is willing to use his financial power to make sure he gets what he wants at the negotiating table. In a Dec. 12 statement, THE USW said 78.9 percent of Elkview employees voted in favor of the deal more than a year after their contract expired on Nov. 1, 2015. Eighty-three percent of Fording River Steelworkers have ratified their agreement after working without a contract since last May. «It`s clear that the majority of Fording and Elkview members support the deals,» said Don Takala, president of USW 7884. «That`s how the democratic process works.» The agreements involve approximately 770 unionized employees of Elkview, represented by United Steelworkers Local 9346 and another 920 unionized employees in Fording River, represented by United Steelworkers Local 7884. It was the first time that the largest inhabitants of the Elk Valley worked together to reach an agreement. Both agreements provided for a one-year wage freeze in recognition of difficult market conditions, but two percent wage increases for the rest of the corresponding five-year contracts.

Read the article online at Vancouver, B.C. – Teck Resources Limited (TSX: TECK). A and TECK. «If you lengthen the day, especially in 12 hours, that`s obviously a problem,» he said. «From our point of view, they weren`t willing to pay for it…