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The Four Agreements Kobo

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Individual Freedom by Miguel Ruiz – Book Summary – Readtrepreneur (Disclaimer: this is not the original book, but an unofficial summary.) Have you ever felt that all the elements of your life do not match as you had imagined? They are not alone and it is never too late to solve this problem. In the Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz tells us the heart of self-limiting convictions that prevent us from obtaining a stable status of joy and making us suffer. These are common evils that we have and must get rid of as human beings. With Ruiz`s instructions, you can do it. (Note: This summary was entirely written and published by Readtrepreneur. It is in no way related to the original author)»Whatever happens around you, do not take it personally. Nothing others do is because of you. It`s up to him. The four chords revealed by Miguel Ruiz are as follows: Be irreproachable with your word, do not take anything personal, do not make assumptions and always do your best. To what extent can you immerse yourself in these concepts to improve yourself as a human being? In Four Chords, the author gets into the details with each of the chords, so you can include them all completely. Don Miguel Ruiz emphasizes that true happiness can be achieved by everyone, but you must strive to develop yourself as a human being.P.S. Miguel Ruiz is an extremely useful book that will help you improve and develop as a human being to reach a state of real happiness. . Don Miguel Ruiz is the international author of the bestsellers of The Four Agreements (New York Times bestseller for more than a decade), The Four Agreements Companion Book, The Mastery of Love, The Voice of Knowledge, The Circle of Fire and The Fifth Agreement.

Ruiz`s teachings are best known for turning complex human problems into common sense – a talent that has earned him millions of fans and international recognition. «This book by Don Miguel Ruiz, simple but so powerful, has made a huge difference in what I think and act on every encounter.» – Oprah Winfrey The book is great. It is written in such a way that it can be understood by everyone. Everything is very direct and logical. Don Miquel Ruiz writes it as if he were talking to you in person. It`s not abstract language, it`s just prefabricated ordinary language. I read this book a year ago and still use it at certain times in my life. I would recommend it to anyone.

If the book touches you, it`s great, otherwise you don`t lose anything with it. «Don Miguel Ruiz`s book is a roadmap for enlightenment and freedom.» – Deepak Chopra, author, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success The Four Accords have put in place a simple but powerful code of conduct to achieve personal freedom and true happiness, and the Four Agreements Companion Book guides you even further on the journey to restore the consciousness and wisdom of your authentic…