Western Canada Lottery Group Buying Agreement

Yes, yes. In accordance with WCLC rules and regulations, the company is not required to pay a price unless the winner gives WCLC the right to publish the name, city or city of residence and the current photo of the winner. The names and photos of the big lotto winners are published to protect the integrity of the games – it verifies whether prizes are won and shows that the winners come from all areas of life. Bigger jackpots also create excitement and lead to group play and more tickets sold. For this reason, large jackpots often go to multiple winners, each receiving a more moderate prize. If you have difficulty checking your tickets or have any doubts about a lottery dealer, you can contact us by email or phone at 1-800-665-3313 and follow instructions to speak to customer service. We are available Monday to Friday during normal business hours. Please have as much detail as possible about the incident. No no. The five lottery regions in Canada do not sell lottery tickets outside their respective borders. Visitors can of course buy tickets when they visit another lottery region, but they must claim all the prizes in that area. Most lottery tickets contain the name and address of the area on the back of the ticket. For each winning ticket, there is only one cheque to pay for up to two people.

If there are several holders of a winning ticket, as for a group, WCLC pays the full price to the person who has been designated by the group as an agent. The agent would pay it to the rest of the group. National Game – National Games such as LOTTO MAX and LOTTO 6/49 are games involving the five lottery courts. Keep in mind that each jurisdiction has its own computer system and is responsible for paying ticket prices registered in its system. Yes, yes. Printing your legal name on the ticket ensures that no one else can benefit from a first prize if the ticket is lost or stolen. This is also easier if you take your tickets to check, as lottery dealers cannot validate tickets without the customer`s name being printed on the ticket. LOTTO 6/49 and LOTTO MAX are national lottery games and are played in the five different regions of Canada. Each region has its own computer system, so ticket terminals can only check tickets purchased in their own region. To get a price for a ticket purchased elsewhere, you can either return to the area where you purchased the ticket or send it to the address on the back of the ticket. Make sure your name and return address are clearly printed in the application form. Group Purchase Contract – A form that offers WCLC as a convenience for players participating in a lottery group.

For more information, see Group Games. Annuity – A retirement is a kind of long-term investment. Selection – A selection is a line of lottery numbers.