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Windows Server 2016 Standard License Agreement - Vanlifeforadream

Windows Server 2016 Standard License Agreement

8. SCOPE OF THE LICENSE. The software is licensed, not sold. This Agreement only gives you certain rights to use the Software. Microsoft reserves all other rights. Unless other rights are granted to you by applicable law despite this limitation, you may only use the Software to the extent expressly permitted in this Agreement. In doing so, you must comply with all technical limitations of the software that allow you to use it only in certain ways. For more information, see ( You can`t: 14. TRANSFER TO THIRD PARTIES. The first user of the Software may transfer this Agreement and the CLIENT Licenses directly to third parties. Prior to the transfer, that party must agree that this Agreement applies to the transfer and use of the Software. The transfer must include the software and the proof of license label.

The first user cannot retain instances of the software unless they also retain a different license for the software. D. REMEDIES FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY. The manufacturer or installer shall, in its place, either (i) repair or replace the Software free of charge, or (ii) accept the return of the Software with the server for a refund of the amount paid, if any. The manufacturer or installer may also repair or replace supplements, updates and replacement software, or provide a refund of the amount you paid for them, if applicable. Contact the manufacturer or installer for the policy. These are your sole remedies for breach of the limited warranty. h. Microsoft programs included. The software includes other Microsoft programs. These license terms apply to your use of these programs. One.

Consent to Internet Services. The terms also apply to all Microsoft: Azure HUB allows customers to use Windows Server on Microsoft Azure through Azure virtual machines («base instances»). Azure HUB does not include the cost of basic instances, and basic instances do not include Windows Server. .