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Year Of Agreement

This strategy is the basis of China`s strategic support for Iran. This shows that China is serious about improving and deepening its partnership with Iran and that the current 25-year deal is the natural result of this trend towards intimate relations, but at the same time, this strategy determines the fact that China`s deal with Iran will be strategically conservative in nature. This strategy also means that China does not want to take the risk of stationing soldiers in Iran, as this would increase costs and risks for China, which contradicts the essence of China`s strategy of effectively supporting Iran at a relatively low cost and low risk to China itself. These claims correspond either to the political position of Iran`s exiled political dissidents, who want to call the current Iranian regime a «sale of interests to foreigners,» or to Western society`s general fear of so-called «aggressive Chinese expansion.» However, these assumptions ignore the agreement; it has no revolutionary dimension in Sino-Iranian relations. The agreement is rather a gesture of friendship and the natural and unsurprising continuation of relations between the two states. China does not and will not deploy troops to Iran, nor does it plan to choose sides from regional conflicts in the Middle East. «You could say that. I had to stay at the club until 4am last night to close and clean. Then you had to be here at 6 o`clock to open. I said to stifle a yawn behind my hand. Sophia was the only person who really knew anything about me and my past. This balance was also evident after the establishment of the 25-year agreement, when the Ninth Ministerial Conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF) was successfully held on July 6, during which China and Arab states reaffirmed «mutual support on issues of fundamental interests and major concerns.» «Girly, you work too hard. You need time to rest.

She said she had sent me a condescending look. Sometimes Sophia likes to behave like my mother, even though she is only a few years older than me. China is undoubtedly serious about improving its already close relations with Iran, but this close relationship is not and does not remain a prerequisite or obstacle to China`s bilateral relations with other regional players such as Israel or Saudi Arabia. Given the aforementioned Chinese agreement with Israel on the operation of the port of Haifa, it would be clear that China`s relations with Iran are not special or unique in the region. Moreover, with regard to the proposal for a military operation, China is not only fully aware of the fact that the proud national consciousness of the Iranian people and the political culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran will not allow a massive number of foreign troops to be deployed in Iran, but China also does not want to send soldiers to Iran anyway. to avoid the possible risk of armed conflict between Iran and its regional rivals. .